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Too Busy


Too busy getting and being married to post much. 

Maybe when things relax a bit I’ll be able to post more. Or ever. 

(Of course I use a picture with a random photobomber)

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USB-C Rant


The future is one port to rule everything.

This guy is good. And gives a heck of a good reason to use that brand new connection. USB-C.

You should probably subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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Site Update


Cleaned up that footer. The one that said “welcome to 2009!” That’s fixed.

Only took a smidgen of code:

&copy; 2008-<?php echo date("Y"); ?>

Now my footer will be working and functional long after I’m dead and gone. Yay!


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Thanks, Netflix


Since they changed the ratings system from 5 stars to up or down, I went from six years of carefully curated ratings to no ratings at all. None. Six years, down the drain.

And now my rating for Once Upon a Time in the West–one of the greatest movies in history–is now the same as my rating for Crazyhead. Yeah, that’s stupid.

From the Business Insider article, the thing that makes the least sense:

This was a problem because people weren’t as motivated to rate titles when they thought they were just a drop in the bucket of all Netflix reviews. They didn’t understand that the more they rated, the better the system would be at understanding their tastes. “People don’t intuitively think about it that way,”* Johnson said.

Except, ya know, me. And I was doing it the right way. Now I have no idea what the crap I’m doing. Or, in several thousand cases, re-doing.

*Emphasis mine

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Aaaand, Shadow King


Like I said, Not-Mojo.

Not only that, but the confirmation that it is Farouk, aka The Shadow King:

Bonus points for the movie canon version of Professor X’s wheelchair.

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Legion Theory


After watching the first five episodes, I keep getting more and more convinced I was right about this:

The first things I know is that it was not-Mojo. Maybe some new stuff will come to light before the series gets cancelled.

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YouTube Clickbait

economics / education / politics

YouTube hates YouTube content creators.

Long video, but explains the problem and possible ways to make sure you’re not helping kill YouTube.


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Still Back, Suckers…


Just ill. As in “sick”. That kind of ill.

I’m illin’ without no penicillin.

Okay, that was terrible. I should just stop and go to sleep again. Maybe take some Tylenol. Or the equivalent generic substitute.

While I’m recovering, here’s a picture of some cute puppies.

puppy pies!

You can just feel the emotional manipulation, can’t you?

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The Bizarre History Of McDonalds Characters

economics / technology

McDonald’s characters are evil:

There’s other characters. Evil characters.

They should’ve done more. Now I’m gonna have to look up their stories on the internets all by myself.

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Cat Teaches How to Use Emojis On Mac


What a time to be alive. For one thing, this is a video with a cat on a laptop. Another thing, when all the javascript and HTML magic ensues, one simple Twitter tweet turns into pretty much a full post for me:

What a wonderful time to fill you blog with semi-useful junk.

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