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The amount of time to remind me why I never put Michelle ‘One Note’ Malkin back in the old RSS FeedReader of Legend™.
You know that relative of yours, the one you never visit? That one that seems just fine until somebody accidentally brings up the wrong subject. Then it’s hours of ranting and raving about how the universe would be so much better if everything fit into their neat little view. That one.
Yet another reason I’m never getting into the popular kid’s club.

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  1. alli says:

    that would be the one thing thats kept me from getting back into the politics blogosphere. just too much of that.

  2. Mac says:

    Me too!
    Does this mean you’re going to be even ghostier?

  3. alli says:

    no the same amount of ghosti-ness.
    but you demanded comments. so i am here. b/c i’m trying not to suck at the whole “friend thing”.

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