About that ‘Hope’ video


I honestly thought this was something some talented comedians came up with for some sketch comedy show. Basic cable. I had no idea anybody was supposed to take it seriously. It is too good to come from a real political party.
There was a site that called for user–made videos called Obama in 30 Seconds. You were supposed to come up with a video that MoveOn.org would try to get put on TV. That’s the story for where the video came from, and where it is intended to go.
There are some other videos by this same group (which is NOT MoveOn.org) that are just as funny at Catch Hope. But like I said, it was too good to come from a political party. Not nearly life–drainingly droll enough to be used in a political campaign. No, for MoveOn.org types, we needed something somber and depressing.
Wanna see the video that won?

Yeah. Great choice.

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  1. Hack says:

    That lady looks like she’s going to sneeze

  2. Yes. Sneeze.
    That’s exactly the first thing that came to my mind upon first seeing that as well.

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