Attack dogs


I emailed a few of the old gang to tell them I got back in the mad blog hits business. The second person I contacted was Brett (he says hi). I figured he was still tired of the blogging thing, but I wanted him to keep in touch to remind me about enraging stuff.

Luckily, there’s never a drought of things to get outraged by in the blogosphere. If you can’t see anything right now, just wait a minute, Technorati will send you that much–needed indignation with a quickness. Case in point, the horror that is FOX & Friends.

I swear to you, I just went through three revisions of the explanation of this clip. Those revisions wasted an hour of my life, in a futile attempt to succinctly describe all the stupid that went into the planning, production, execution, and requisite campaign of repudiation required. I will never get that time back.

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