Beer, Weed, and Nude, Fat Chicks


Dave makes me feel inadequate again. This time, because of the fat chick:

It’s useful to think of our current economic situation as a spirited game of nude Twister, with Fannie Mae as an extremely fat drunk chick. One unanticipated “Left Foot Blue” spin could mean a trip to the emergency room for all of us, not to mention uncomfortable explanations for our various wives. It is critical that Congress makes sure that Fannie Mae gets the additional “do over” spins necessary to keep her from crushing us on the vinyl.
I know what you’re saying — “who invited the fat chick to the Twister party?” Certainly, all of us (with the possible exception of Randy) wish she wasn’t here. But it’s important to remember that fat chicks are often an important source of party supplies, and we must take the good with the bad. In the same way, Fannie Mae supplies the critical financial weed and beer to keep our national economic party going.

Oh, the sweet allegory, wrapped in satire (and Google–baiting headline).

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