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Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar is this actress from the television show, Burn Notice. She is also a hottie. And, she is somehow in the middle of a huge debate over the price of oil.
I can’t figure out how she got involved in American politics, but I say we need to get her help. Even if it goes against some of my personal ethics, we need to…do…what it takes. If that requires — ahem‘drilling’, then I say go right ahead.
It’s for the team. For America. I’m sure God won’t mind.
From what I can tell, the Democrats are the ones who don’t want to do this. They seem to have other places to look for oil. Not that an actress from the UK has much potential, but why are the Democrats beings such obstructionists? Can’t we do both?
Seriously, folks, I can understand why Nancy Pelosi (a female) wouldn’t want to get some of this, but there’s plenty of (allegedly) heterosexual men in the House, right? I mean, she’s hot, right? Are they just worried their wives will find out?
I bet it’s because she’s English. Can’t appear dependent on foreign interests, and all.
So many questions, precious little answers.

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  1. alli says:

    She really is gorgeous. And she’s on my favorite show.
    And I thought she was Irish.

  2. Mac says:

    English, Irish, whatever.
    She has a gun and is female, who cares about details.

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