I didn’t know it was a meme


When I posted my rant about the blogs yesterday, I didn’t figure I’d be revisiting during the same week, let alone ever. But somebody else wrote a rant on bloggers (with cussing!), and famous people read it, now comes the predictable memeage.
Please, people, just stop. Stop telling us how to blog. Stop telling us how not to blog. And if you don’t heed any of the other advice I give, listen to this: please don’t do the thing that I’m doing right now, which is blogging about bloggers blogging about blogging. It is annoying.
It reminds me of how banal this blogging experience can be. One person comes up with a truly original idea, then 70 other people copy it. I can’t really complain, though, as that’s the way the world works. People steal, get over it.

Carnival of Open Trackbacks

Upon returning to the blogosphere proper, I found that Digg badges had replaced the ubiquitous TrackBack link. It appears the days of the Blog Carnival are over as well. I used both of those (as we all did) back in the early days to their full effect. But to say the world moved on would be an understatement.
Therefore, I use this one particular tag to signify my disgust at some of the dumb stuff us bloggers do. Cat–blogging, memes, and all that stuff we did before MySpace stole our hearts. Then Facebook. Now…whatever else comes along.
(I had to remind myself while writing this rant that if I were to use “Carnival of Open Trackbacks” as the title of this post, I’d never get the trackback spammers to stop hitting the page)

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