In 2000, it was ‘gravitas’


Or something. In 2004 it was something. I forget (hlp plz).
Anyways*, this year it’s ‘gaffe.’ Have you ever heard the word gaffe as much as you have this year? Ever?
It’s losing its meaning.
*I put that in there for all you “I hate it when people start sentences with ‘anyways.‘”

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  1. Mac says:

    In 2004 it was ‘sausage’

  2. That was supposed to be me.
    I fail at sock puppetry.

  3. Hack says:

    Well, at least I try.
    I swear, it’s like a friggin’ ghost town in here.

  4. alli says:

    no kidding.
    all ghosty pale in here too.
    why is this so plain, mac? arent you usually all about flash? 🙂

  5. Hack says:

    I meant the lack of peoples, not the color.
    And don’t you know by now he hates non–grayscale things?

  6. Mac says:

    I just can’t believe, with all the dozens of voices in my head, that none of them remember the word that everybody was using in 2004.
    It wasn’t ‘Florida’, either.

  7. alli says:

    well, yes. but greyscale should employ a modicum of grey methinks.

  8. Mac says:

    Thanks for playing, everybody, but the word was, ‘nuance.’

  9. RFMNA™ says:

    Two can play at this game.

  10. Old, , Old Guy says:

    What game? Were we playing a game? I forget.
    Was I saying somehting?

  11. Larry says:

    See what you atarted Boss®? Now the Old, , Old Guy is involved . . . and he can’t remember why. And di you have to get the Looneytarian involved too.
    For cryin’ out loud.
    Anyways, it isn’t starting sentences with “anyways” thats bothers me. It is ending arguments with “so.”
    So …

  12. RFMNA™ says:

    Who you callin “looney” Llllaaaaaaarrrrrry?

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