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Mary Katharine Ham had to write Real Heroes of Liberalism, and get me to do an internet search for those commercials leading me to this site where you could find a bunch of the Real Men of Genius commercials to listen to.
There went almost an hour. ‘Preciate it. Here, waste your time, too.

(On a personal note, how anyone can drink that swill is beyond me. American beer is to drinking as soap operas are to porn. Americans do love their unspectacular homogeneity, don’t they?)

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  1. Larry says:

    Always thought that once you found yourself liking Bud you had killed all your taste sensors and it was time to quit drinking … so I did … 1995.
    Not a day have I awakened and wished for a hangover.
    BTW, mercifully the video is blocked by the Technazis so I didn’t waste a thing … er well mebbee a little.

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