On Fauxtrage


I realized that the contrived outrages have really ramped up since I left. So much so, I created that dandy category tag for the site. And it seems I’m not the only one who is getting tired of the ‘outrage.’ Marc Ambinder: Enough With The Outrage:

Outrage is often phony; major campaigns contrive their outrage precisely for effect. (When I ask about these contrivances, I am told that they are “part of the game.”) But outrage is often phony even if it seems real. Phony outrage is outrage for the sake of feeling outraged; it’s a comfortable outrage, an outrage that serves to reinforce feelings of solidarity and get rid of feelings of dissonance. Outrage is a covering emotion, like its close cousin, self-righteousness. We love to be offended. We love to feel affronted.
Everyone is so outraged, outraged, outraged all the time that we’re defining outrage down. If our outrage meter hits 10 at every conceivable sleight or remark, then when something really outrageous happens — something truly morally despicable or cowardly takes place — we’re numb. Outrage moves votes and changes opinion. But if everything’s outrageous, then nothing is.

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