Presidential Prediction


Two predictions about the presidential race.
Prediction #1: As soon as Barak Obama announces his running mate, his polling numbers will take a dive.
Prediction #2: As soon as John McCain announces his running mate, his polling numbers will go up.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Just a reminder: though I’ve been dead for 200 years, I won’t let a little thing like being dead keep me from serving!
    Just in case anybody’s listening.

  2. How’s about the Twelfth Amendment?
    And, you know, the dead thing.

  3. Larry says:

    Prediction #3 As soon as this election is over the country will beg Congress to pass a law forbidding of campaigns for Presidency, preferring instead an election lottery wherein potential candidates literally throw their names into a hat to be selected by a random vagrant in New York to prevent the hangoever the country collectively feels.

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