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Okay, now I’m in


I put together a comprehensive chart describing my interest in this political season.
Palin interest chart
You will note the distinctive similarities in January, February, and pretty much all the other months. My point being, other than bashing/worshiping Obama, there’s not really been anything to do. Believe it or not, some people aren’t interested in him.
Not even me. Don’t let the copious use of the tags fool you, I don’t much find anything about Obama even remotely interesting. Just thought I’d try my hand at ridiculing this guy, because he could be the president. It’s got the liberals through the 00s so far, so it must be fun, right?
But the announcement of Sarah Palin sure has changed all that. Mainly because…
…because she’s not one of them. And by ‘them’ I mean the other three fellas that are going to have a reason to nuke Iran in the next couple of years. So now I go from begrudging support to hope. It sounds weird coming out of my mouth.
But this is that genuine hope that started the Republican revolution in ‘94. The same revolution that ended around, say, ‘96. Hope — real hope — that we could finally get the litter cleaned out of Washington D.C.
I’ve completely given up on the Republicans (how come we only have two parties, anyways?). What I am is so dissimilar to any of my former fellow Republicans as to make me the outsider. To paraphrase Zel Miller, I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.
But now my vote, for so many complicated reasons, goes to McCain. Most definitely not because I’m a fan. Actually, I’m quite the opposite. But the only real hope I can see for getting away from the politics as usual is to get somebody like Sarah Palin in a position of power.
I’m voting for change, and I’m voting Republican. Who would’ve thought that?
ADDED: Now, I too, have Hope


Parentheticals make all the difference


I don’t know what this means, but it’s funny. Laugh.
Parentheticals make all the difference on TwitPic
Click to embiggen
Twitter is useful for something I guess. Not much, but something. Pictures from New York, for instance. Crazy pictures. Crazy pictures from New York.
In other, completely non–crazy–pictures–from–New–York Twitter news, Alli wrote something hilarious on Twitter, but I can’t link to it because she protected her updates (I think). Just let me tell you, HILARIOUS. Truly.
Sorta summed up my feelings about my once torrid posting schedule.

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Is Twitter lame?


Seriously, I want to know.
I’ve been Twittering for a while, it just seems like the effort I make there would go better elsewhere. Like…anywhere else. Seems kinda data–silo–y to me.
Seems like everybody’s using it, thus decoolifying the platform. What is it that you, my countless legion of followers think? Is Twitter still cool?


What you people really want


Statesboro weather: 88°
Up to date local weather information. Expect to see about 800 new weather–related blogs in the next couple of minutes. Also expect this page to get some lovin‘.

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I blame YouTube (Cop Fail Edition)

judiciary / security

Coming soon to a DARE program near you!

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As you may or may not know, I heart blonde Italian ladies. No — really.
So any time I get the chance to post said…people…I do so, happily. And if said video with said person also includes a bunch of youthful street performers juggling and unicycling and dancing, how can I resist?
And did I mention the blonde Italian lady?
The song doesn’t make any sense to me (even with the translation), but who cares? It ain’t like that stopped me from posting something before.

hey guys(..),girls(..)come here(..),run here(..),
let’s go to dance pizzica
right on with guitars, right on with drums and let’s go all together to dance
When outside it is raining with the sun,
it is said that foxes get married
And when the rainbow arrives we dance pizzica pizzica poo
The sun is back, guys come here
The sun is back, guys run here
Let’s go to dance pizzica
With guitars
With drums
Let’s sing, let’s dance
Old men have to dance with old women
Young men with young woman
They have to give each other so many kisses dancing pizzica pizzica poo
The sun is back, guys come here
The sun is back, guys run here
Let’s go to dance pizzica
With guitars
With drums
Let’s sing, let’s dance

Translation of lyrics for us non–Italian speakers provided by Claudia Abbene.*
*No, I am not her, and no I do not know her.

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I blame YouTube (G Unit/Hitler Edition)


You knew this was going to happen eventually. It’s like Godwin’s Law.
Godwin’s Law with Spongebob Squarepants.

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Talking points

economics / environment / politics / security

Since I’m not feeling bloggy today, feel free to discus amongst yourselves.

  • The Olympics (my take: boring)
  • Russia is at war with Georgia
  • The John Edwards affair now acknowledged by the media
  • President Bush says to drill, price of oil plummets
  • Political stunt becomes movement, Republicans stay in D.C

If anybody needs me, I’ll be watching NFL preseason football.

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All the Internet Memes


Ever wondered what made the internet so popular? I mean, besides naked pictures of people. The answer is memes.

A meme is just an element of internet culture passed through imitation. Since people have so much free time (or, you know, are supposed to be working on those reports), creation and recreation of funny things takes precedence. The blogosphere is built on memes (most of which I hate).

Thankfully, somebody at Dipity decided to explain where all that nonsense about the cats and the pictures and the misspelled words came from. And an exploding whale. And that song about the Chronicles of Narnia from Saturday Night Live.

This is not going to make anybody more productive.

Click through to see what we wasted our time on instead of the reports (that were due in, like, 30 minutes ago).

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The Happening (South Park)

environment / security

At least we don’t have to worry about ManBearPig.

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