All the Internet Memes


Ever wondered what made the internet so popular? I mean, besides naked pictures of people. The answer is memes.

A meme is just an element of internet culture passed through imitation. Since people have so much free time (or, you know, are supposed to be working on those reports), creation and recreation of funny things takes precedence. The blogosphere is built on memes (most of which I hate).

Thankfully, somebody at Dipity decided to explain where all that nonsense about the cats and the pictures and the misspelled words came from. And an exploding whale. And that song about the Chronicles of Narnia from Saturday Night Live.

This is not going to make anybody more productive.

Click through to see what we wasted our time on instead of the reports (that were due in, like, 30 minutes ago).

Warning: Entering unregulated meme zone.

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  1. alli says:

    Never has a post fit so well in the “geekery” category.

  2. Hack says:

    Geekery is a tag. The categories are the things underneath the title of the post. Just looking for accuracy here.
    And yes, I come back to this. Hours of fun for the kids.
    Spaghetti cat, for instance.

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