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banana bread
Your All Knowing Gorgeous Sexy Empress of All Things Improper sent me some banana bread that I’ve been begging for since 2005 this week. It got here around 6 PM Wednesday night. It was gone by 11 PM Wednesday night.
I have no natural resistance to banana bread. I hope I am never entrusted with the security of the planet, or we’re one bakery away from total annihilation. But, I, for one, welcome our new baked–goods–wielding alien overlords.
I’m thinking this is going to somehow violate my crazy–people diet (eggs are meat, milk is also like meat). As much as I love banana bread (as well as our new baked–goods–wielding alien overlords), I probably don’t need to beg for any more.

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  1. c.a. Marks says:

    LOL Thanks. I’ll make more. BIGGER more.

  2. alli says:

    yummy! 🙂

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