Only In Dreams (Cowboy Bebop)


Just a trip down memory lane for me. Found this video years ago before I got into ‘the blogs.’ Back then, the monumental size of the video file was enough to keep most people from hosting it, let alone share it publicly.
Now, if YouTube doesn’t play right away, we’re throwing shoes at the monitor. Times change. People change. But music stays the same.
Years ago, I’d joke with friends late at night, watching adult cartoons, and listening to ‘the alternative’ music. Cowboy Bebop was one of our weapons of choice. Weezer was, frequently, another. Mixing the two is potent for my memory.
Once again, I’m a drifting kid in Mississippi, wondering about his place in the world. A man divided between his culture, his loves, his alliances, his friends, and his own impending mortality. The terror attacks on September 11, 2001, removed what small bit of hope I had that I was going to make it out of this world alive.

That Automatic Dog

There’s a Welsh Corgi in the show that was a plot line of one of the episodes. It has some sort of computer chip or something inside him that makes him worth a lot of money. The folks on the show are bounty hunters (and broke ones, at that), and they have a fortune sitting at their feet.
One of my most frustrating/endearing qualities is holding to an idea if it will annoy somebody else. It’s not because I’m evil, it’s because it gives me something to goad my friends. When I made a mistake and said that they should just sell the ‘automatic’ dog (instead of ‘electric’), it was so on. The dog’s name is Ein, and that automatic dog has been my icon in some form or fashion since 2001.
It’s that automatic dog that helps me remember those days. Back when the world was so open, so frightfully full of wonder. It seems so very 21st century that I would use a cartoon avatar as the symbol of my youth. Holding on to my youth, actually. Holding on to the hope that only comes from sleepless nights, dreaming of the future.
Sometimes, I’d find hope. Sometimes I would dream. But it would never last.

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  1. alli says:

    I can’t believe you’re still all about the Cowboy Bebop! 🙂

  2. Mac says:

    And nothing about the dog?

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