Paris Hilton’s Energy Plan For America

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A lot more robust that Obama’s plan. Which is, to say, is a plan.
Did I just say that Paris Hilton did something better than Obama? Yes. Yes, I did.
ADDED: Via me at Wizbang

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  1. Mike H says:

    Given three choices, I’ll rank Paris second.
    There’s a note to Paris over here:

  2. Mac says:

    Neil Cavuto just called for a Paris Hilton presidency.
    Given the competition, I tend to agree.

  3. Larry says:

    Forget the Paris video, what is the Pamela Anderson video advertised on Althouse about?

  4. Mac says:

    Where did you even see that?
    Sometimes I worry about you.

  5. Larry says:

    It was there yesterday I tell ya. Something about fake breasts … chicken breasts … at KFC.

  6. Pablo Mcafee says:

    What’s the deal with Miss Hilton? I read someplace that she would be in a Guinness World Records book as being the world’s “Most Overrated Celeb.” As if! Can she act? Is she popular as a model? Double yuck! And escaping of prison earlier? Ms. Untalented skirting her accountability by reason of her excellent grandpa, or was it her celeb position?

  7. Ivonne Waska says:

    Paris Hilton just keep on doing your thing and don’t listen to those haters they just wish that they were you!

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