Currently working on my next bad idea


Just a heads up. You know, in case the entire site catches on fire, or it looks like some of the page have holes where I just needed to punch something. Or, you don’t hear from me for 17 months.
Here’s a clue to what’s going on:
Teaser image

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  1. Old, , Old Guy says:

    I don’t know much about this here technologicalism but it looks like you are out drinking Brett and Larry 2 – 1 on the Export Drafts. Is that Molson or LaBatt?

  2. Mac says:

    And that sterling comedic sense of timing is why we haven’t had you turned into glue.

  3. Old, , Old Guy says:

    Hey! Hey! You don’t give an old, , old guy much to work with here.

  4. alli says:

    The return of the Brett? Really? I miss that guy.

  5. Old, , Old Guy says:

    Don’t hold your breath young lady … I hear you turn a terrible shade of blue, and we need you to stay a healthy red or its less prominent shade … pink.

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