I know you’re wondering why I keep posting these things from IT’S BECAUSE I LOVE ME SOME COWBELL! And because I’m hopelessly geeky.
Like a child on Christmas morning, I found this last night, and almost cried. I cannot describe the pleasure upon the blending of these two things.

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For those of you who don’t know, there’s a game called ‘Guitar Hero III’ that forces you to spend hours in front of your television slapping five buttons and acting like you can play a musical instrument. And it’s making brazillions of dollars. The kids, they love the fake guitar playing.
This particular song is ridiculously hard, and it’s supposed to be the most difficult song in the game to beat. The top boss level, if you will. Just by completing this on ‘Expert’ will garner you the respect of your peers, and the devotion of your fans.

For those non–fake–ax–wielding mortals (like me), perhaps another game would be more appropriate. Perhaps, one with another instrument…

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  1. Larry says:

    If my kids ever found out about this I’d lose what little respect I have left … but it is funny. I’ve become a more cowbell aficionado of sorts.

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