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economics / technology Members and Staff Rejoice over the Firing of Detroit Lions’ President Matt Millen

Fire Millen
September 24, 2008 (Detroit, MI) – After 83 losses, countless blown draft picks, and having the Detroit Lions become the laughing stock of the NFL during the last eight years, Detroit Lion’s owner William Clay Ford finally fired President and General Manager Matt Millen.
“Matt Millen should have been fired three years ago after mismanaging the team for his first five years,” says founder Michael McCune. “At the same time, members and staff are ecstatic about the decision to finally get rid of the worst general manager in professional sports history.”
Millen’s mismanagement of the team has gotten to the Lions off to another dismal 0-3 start in 2008. Under Millen’s tenure, he has hired three head coaches, even more assistants and coordinators, and signed and drafted new players each year. Even with all of those changes, the Lions are a league worst 31-82. Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the mid 1980’s had a worse record in modern NFL History. In Millen’s tenure, the defense has been one of the worst in the league and the offense has only been ranked in the top half of the league once (2007).
“Poor drafting is just the start of Millen’s failure” said McCune. “He has overpaid free agents that have been backups on other teams and continued to keep players that have not delivered in the past. His mistakes continue to cost this team which has over $15 Million in salary cap space dedicated to players who are no longer on this team.”
While is no longer needed to promote the firing of Matt Millen, the site will remain up, under a new yet –to-be-determined name, to follow the search process for a new general manager and future seasons.
“We hope that the Lions take this opportunity to execute an exhaustive search for a qualified general manager who can build a team of which Detroit Lions’ fans can be proud” McCune continued. has always been proud to in keeping its arguments fact based. McCune said “I have no personal problems with Matt Millen. From what I have read, Matt Millen is a nice man and was a great football player. He just was an extremely bad general manager.” is not affiliated with the Detroit Lions or the National Football Association. The site was started in 2005 in an effort to get Matt Millen fired. The site has received over a million “hits” since it started and has a dedicated group of readers and forum contributors. For further information or comment, please contact Mike McCune at

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  1. Larry says:

    If you are trying to bait me on this … fageddaboudit. I have never, NEVER been a Lions fan, supporter, person of interest, or anything remotely related to them. Merely because I am a Detroit native (who are sometimes known to be restless) doesn’t mean I fancy the Lions. I am a Steelers and Dolphins fan. Always have been always will be … despite their recent performances. So don’t go thinkin’ jus’ ’cause I come from here I care ’bout ’em … I DON’T

  2. Mac says:

    So…got your season tickets yet?

  3. Larry says:

    I cannot afford season tickets to the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings; however, I may take in a game or two on the TeeVee. Did I mention that the Detroit Red Wings are the reigning Stanley Cup Champions? ‘Cause I think you should know. Just another part of MVRWC (that’d be My Vast Red Wing Conspiracy).

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