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Since seeing this video (thx, Ed) we’ve gotten knee–deep in the ‘Sarah Palin is not experienced enough’ trope. So much so, that now there’s a pool on when she’ll drop out. But beyond the vapid, amorphous arguments that are the basis of the hypothesis that she will excuse herself comes this inevitable conclusion: the presidential race is now—at least in part—about Palin vs. Obama.
And that contest horrifies some people. As Bob Owens points out…

We now know far more about Sarah Palin in just four days than we’ve learned about Barack Obama in 17 months. That is just sad. It’s a pathetic reflection of the mainstream media’s unwillingness to do their jobs for fear of finding stories that would hurt the candidate so many of them openly desire to win.
But periodically appearing to read teleprompters isn’t vetting, not matter how many months a candidate has done it, and Obama’s ability to perform in set-piece debates is both dubious—Hillary once famously took him apart—and irrelevant. Barack Obama really has never been fully vetted. He hasn’t even come close.
You want examples?

Four days of vetting has produced more ink about the VPette’s daughter than the former community organizer’s ties to an American terrorist who bombed the White House. Just sad, really. And telling.
I mentioned that some people were horrified by the Palin pick. That’s because she stands for, in a real way, everything that Obama says he is for, but isn’t. And there are people that realize this — an they’re panicking.

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