Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck

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Gabrielle Anwar
Glenn Beck can say he interviewed her back when. This is back from June, shilling like good little stooges discussing their talking points from their overlords in Big Oil™ sound energy policies.
And yes, like anything involving Alaska, they talk about Drilling ANWR:

Somehow, the wanton murder of thousands of moose didn’t get in the interview. You know why that is. BIAS. This interview reeks of the filth of moose hunting advocates.
Just once — once — I would love to see her pressed on this issue. But know, softball question after softball. Moose lovers demand answers! US out of Alaska! Now!

Meanwhile, back in character…

Like the question about the VeeP? I remember the whole vetting process, and summarily dismisser her because — because there wasn’t anything I could find that I hated about her. She was perfect, thus unelectable.
I’m glad I was wrong.

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