We all knew this was going to happen


Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

All right, I’m back to not caring about this election any more.

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  1. Old, , Old Guy says:

    Dude, Evelyn is so not 46. I’m old, , old and I know 46 and Evelyn is not 46. So where’s the truth meter here?

  2. alli says:

    Lamest anti-candidate group, ever?

  3. Mac says:

    She is hot, though. She must get a lot of grief at the PTA meetings. Jealousy, it’s a cruel thing, I tells ya.
    But I think the ice has some effect on the aging. Only 4 foot snow drifts and you still got sunlight every day? Heh, amateur.

  4. Mac says:

    My nephew and my niece play hockey.
    My sister is a hockey mom.
    This touches home.
    I should get her one of them tubs with handles for her birthday.

  5. Old, , Old Guy says:

    And Debbie … soarry but you do look a little like a pit bull … had to be said … soarry.

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