Twitter Job Description by Date Joined


Somebody went and created a chart describing how connected you are to when you signed up for Twitter. I joined Twitter waaaaay back in early 2007, so I guess I’m more awesome than everybody else. Click the image to actually read the thing.

Twitter Job Description by Date Joined

Proof positive that I’m a futurist. Or, at least, an innovator. Well, I’m something, the Internet told me so!

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  1. Hey, Good blog you have here. I wanted to let you all know that I think Twitter is going to be one of the best networks because of the fact that it is supported by so many industries. I also think when Twitter introduces some of it’s new functions, returning traffic will go up to show the real growth of the network.

    Anyway, I created a website that offerers great resources for Twitter that are 100% free, so come and visit and don’t be a stranger.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. is hands down the best Twitter follow site around!

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