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Site Update


Cleaned up that footer. The one that said “welcome to 2009!” That’s fixed.

Only took a smidgen of code:

&copy; 2008-<?php echo date("Y"); ?>

Now my footer will be working and functional long after I’m dead and gone. Yay!


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Thanks, Netflix


Since they changed the ratings system from 5 stars to up or down, I went from six years of carefully curated ratings to no ratings at all. None. Six years, down the drain.

And now my rating for Once Upon a Time in the West–one of the greatest movies in history–is now the same as my rating for Crazyhead. Yeah, that’s stupid.

From the Business Insider article, the thing that makes the least sense:

This was a problem because people weren’t as motivated to rate titles when they thought they were just a drop in the bucket of all Netflix reviews. They didn’t understand that the more they rated, the better the system would be at understanding their tastes. “People don’t intuitively think about it that way,”* Johnson said.

Except, ya know, me. And I was doing it the right way. Now I have no idea what the crap I’m doing. Or, in several thousand cases, re-doing.

*Emphasis mine

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