I seem to put up one of these “About” pages every ten or so minutes. At one point, I had a rather extensive About page, that went on forever, and told anybody and everybody everything they could hope to know about me.

Then I accidentally deleted it.

Thus, now you get this. Quite the downer, I know. But, them’s the breaks.

Suffice it to say, MacStansbury is the melding of Mac and Stansbury, the computer I enjoy using, and my last name. It was 2003, I was young, I needed the website address.

Don’t judge me.

As I get around to it, I’ll add more, cool stuff about the man, the myth, the legend you’ve come to know and worship. And, some stuff about me, too.

Yes, I am MacStansbury, and MacStansbury is me. Much like Paul Allen is rather important to, MacStansbury is, just as John is MacStansbury. You could say that you got that whole Pythagorean Theorem with me.

Just to get one thing straight, please, please, please – it’s MacStansbury. Capital M, capital S, and no space. I’m not Irish*, I’m a computer geek. If you feel the need to continue with the space, there’s not much I can do about it, other than hack you computer and put in a 300-line virus that changes every-other line into pirate-talk. But, arrrgh, that sound like work, and something I just wouldn’t do.

Work, that is. I’m lazy.

The website and the person are connected parts of the whole. But the website looks better. So far, this is just the journal of how to make a website look like a website. That’s mighty fine with me.

Think of this as a journey, a trial by fire, a coming-of-age flick. Or the other kind of flick, I don’t care. Mmm…flick…focus, John, focus

Just think of it. Or not. I’m all about value, and not giving you anything you didn’t already want. Or something…did any of you understand that? Can you explain it to me? Seriously, it made no sense. Actually, that’s about the best thing I could write on my About page.


Someday I’m going to stop doing stuff, and get around to putting in all my accomplishments over the years. That should take up another paragraph. Or two. I should stop now.

Accomplishments, accomplishments…I did finish junior high in less than 8 years, that’s something. And I’ve never drowned any kittens that I know of. And I’ve only once set fire to a school full of children. All that’s accomplishments-y, right?

Okay, now I should stop. I blame my liberal upbringing. Yeah, that’s it.

You seem to talk about links a lot

In the 6th iteration of this site, I found it necessary to put in a link list. That’s because I’ve been dropping links to people since 1996, but never in a focused way. Using Miniblog, I started to get the hang of linking. When I moved to, it all became automatic. My move to Ma.gnolia was purely because I could be a big fish in a small pond, if you will.

Upon building the WordPress version of this site, the first page I put up was the links page, With a linkness. After getting a touch dissatisfied with Miniblog, I started using a category for links. Then came, and I became a linking superstar. Ma.gnolia soon followed, and my lust for power was only satiated with the change to my old Movable Type link blog.

Problem was, as always, not many people were paying attention to the linking. Not that I’m disappointed by that; it’s to be expected. I am a champion linker, you know, and I’ll continue to do that, just without the expectations of grandeur.

Unless, of course, somebody wants to borrow me some grandeur.


*About that “Irish” thing…I sort of am. But I’m not in that sort of way. My name. I am Irish in descent.

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