John Stansbury is was a former Internet mogul set on linking to every page on the internet — the interesting ones, at least.

Teh HawtYes, I am that mean

This is the guy who made forums fun and popular. He’s actually very sorry about that. Had to do something while the internet stocks were crashing back in the 90s. At least he had nothing to do with Digg, so maybe that evens things out?

MacStansbury.com: The ex–Home of fun™

Or, where we used to keep the fun, before we stopped making it. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ — ya ingrates. So now it’s just a bunch of ‘where stuff used to be’.

John currently isn’t writing or blogging or social networking as MacStansbury anywhere. That’s because he has better things to do with his time. Like — say — picking lint out of his belly button. He does post the occasional picture or funny link (but not that often, mind you).

Perhaps you were looking for something else? Because the something else is gone now. Sorry about all that.

Time was when I worked hard to make all this internetty stuff. No more. Make your own internet, I’m done here.

Check out my new (old) place on the interwebnet at Meadow Hill.

About the site



Updated various things on the site. Mostly the non–use of a CMS is now the non–non–use of Textpattern.



Okay, so I still don’t have an RSS feed for this thing yet (yet), but I do haveWith a linkness! Looks really nice on the site, now. And it has an RSS feed.

Jealous, main site? I knew you would be.



Reposted some of the good ones. And by ‘some’ I mean ‘two.’ More will be revived as I get the motivation.



Welcome to the bold, new look of old. Yes, fine–crafted HTML is the only this we speak here. None of those precious content management systems mucking the place up. Nope, just pure coding from now on!

I give it 15 minutes. Too much like 2003 when I do it like this.

I used the nifty 960 Grid System, and it really only took a couple of hours to get from mockup to Google cache–buster. I recommend it for speedy deployment.

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