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Tough year for the Packers

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Brett the Jet

First, there’s the whole Brett Favre thing, now there’s the VP snub.
Have I mentioned I am loving this political AND football season more and more?

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Talking points

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Since I’m not feeling bloggy today, feel free to discus amongst yourselves.

  • The Olympics (my take: boring)
  • Russia is at war with Georgia
  • The John Edwards affair now acknowledged by the media
  • President Bush says to drill, price of oil plummets
  • Political stunt becomes movement, Republicans stay in D.C

If anybody needs me, I’ll be watching NFL preseason football.

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Brett the Jet

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madden 09 green bay cover
And by sad, I mean Packers management.
Say, didn’t the Red Sox make a famous trade once?

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No Crisis Is Immune From Exploitation

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…“Under Bush.” So says Hillary ‘Mrs. Bill Clinton’ Clinton?!?:

There appears to be no crisis, tragedy or disaster immune from exploitation under the Bush administration.

So unlike 1993–2000. And that’s just while the Clintons were in the White House. Their shady dealings go way beyond just Mrs. Bill’s time in the White House.
Two points I wanted to make here: first, that this piece is like the kettle is calling the pot a kettle. Second, that who exactly is always exploiting these things? Let’s go down the list, shall we?
In the past few years, the number of corporations flocking to places like the Cayman Islands to evade U.S. taxes has exploded.
Like, say, China? You know, China. The formerly not–on–the–most–favored–nation–list–before–Mr.–Bill–put–them–on China.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but American businesses are in the business of making themselves money, not paying taxes.
In the weeks after Hurricane Katrina, for example, FEMA…
Did what they did on Bill Clinton’s watch.
Only faster.
While touting fiscal responsibility, President Bush and his administration have lined the pockets of political cronies like Halliburton and Blackwater. While calling for earmark reform, the president has allowed no-bid and questionable contracting throughout the federal government to dwarf earmark spending by a 10-to-1 ratio.
Quick, everybody, name a company that’s American owned that builds ports.
Alright, let’s check our answers. The correct answer to the question is…Haliburton. That would be the list. Hard to contract something to another company when another company doesn’t exist.
And earmarks? Are you kidding? Are you aware that the Democrats in Congress control spending? That’s the thing that galls me the most.
There’s more there to chide, but it doesn’t really matter. In calling for changes in the way government does business, she’s basically saying that the government (which has proven to be clumsy and inefficient) is the savior to our problems. To that, this quote from another famous American politician:
Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
President Ronald Reagan


DNC launches ‘Exxon-McCain ’08’

economics / politics

Exxon-McCain ‘08
Mike Allen at The Politico announces that the DNC is launching their own oil–based publicity stunt (complete with bumper stickers! Whoot!).
Yeah, thanks. While the Republicans are at least trying to get something done, the Democrats offer bumper stickers. Thanks. Really. I mean it.
RNC spokesman Alex Conant agrees:

The $2.8 billion that Obama gave the oil companies in the ’05 energy bill would have bought a lot of tire gauges.


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Paris Hilton’s Energy Plan For America

economics / politics

A lot more robust that Obama’s plan. Which is, to say, is a plan.
Did I just say that Paris Hilton did something better than Obama? Yes. Yes, I did.
ADDED: Via me at Wizbang


You won’t see this on the dinosaur media

economics / politics / technology

Republicans demand debate on drilling. Camera phone footage uploaded to show the obstinate Congressional Democrats. For those of us who believe in openness in government, internet is the quickest, most effective way to show the truth.
That’s why the Nancy Pelosi ordered the cameras shut off.

It’s good to know they can turn off the cameras, but we can still see the picture.

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Strippers, Iowa, and mad blog hits

economics / judiciary

Look, people, for whatever reason, my blurb on an Iowahawk post is probably the most–viewed post in my return to bloggerdom. For the love of taco sauce, the entire time I lived in Iowa, there were never — never — even the remotest hints of anything even approximating interesting going on. Now the place is paradise.
Well, if you like that sort of thing.
Floods, corn, and illegal, underage strippers, I mean. That’s what Iowa is all about. Underage strippers who also happen to be the sheriff’s niece.

It all began on July 21, 2007, when a 17-year-old niece of Sheriff Steven MacDonald climbed up on stage at Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg and stripped off her clothing. Owner Clarence Judy was charged with violating Iowa’s public indecent exposure law.
Judy responded that the law doesn’t apply to a “theater, concert hall, art center, museum, or similar establishments” devoted to the arts or theatrical performances.
“Dance has been considered one of the arts, as is sculpture, painting and anything else like that. What Clarence has is a club where people can come and perform,” said his lawyer, Michael Murphy.
Murphy noted that the club has a gallery selling collectible posters and other art, and it provides patrons with sketch pads.

I don’t know where to start with this one. Suffice it to say, somebody needs to un–loop that loophole before the tourism industry picks up.

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I learned this stuff in high school

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Just watching this today amazes me just how much I’ve changed. It looks like the Democrats bought this guy out lock, stock, and barrel in the 1960s. Back when I was in high school, they warned us about this sort of thing. Now they encourage it.

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Packers offer Favre money to stay away

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In the only story that really matters, the Green Bay Packers want to end their long, national nightmare:

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported on its Web site that the team offered Favre “a substantial salary” to stay away. The report cited sources close to Favre.

Who cares if this is a rumor? There’s more chess pieces moving in this game than in a season of LOST. The annoying thing is just how sanctimonious whoever it is in charge of the Packers has always been. They are, and have been for a long time, the worst–run organization in sports.
Can you tell a boy who used to live in Wisconsin, who hated all things 49ers, and saw the plague of Walsh disciples (which has yet to end) writes this site? Bitter, much? You betcha.
Oh no, there’s no Madden curse. Nope.
Speaking of which, Farve only improves teams that aren’t Green Bay.

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