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Less talk, more obeying

education / judiciary / politics / security

Wow. Just wow.

“But I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”


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Oxt Weekend

education / environment / technology

Not a bad idea, changing the next next weekend to “oxt weekend”.

Some examples:

You going somewhere this weekend? Or was it oxt weekend?

I’m working next weekend. And oxt weekend. I swear, I’m going to burn this whole place down some day.

How about oxt weekend? How about oxt weekend? You say that every week! Just admit you’d rather play WoW than go out with me. Admit it. Admit it!

And my social scene takes the examples down with them. Regardless, this is a nifty neologism that I can get behind.


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I have forgotten more about quitting blogging than you will ever know


So. August. Hi, new month!

Just thought I’d let you know that I am not quitting (for once).

Continue your month normally.

In other, non–quitting–blogging MacStansbury news, everything on my computer is old. Therefore, I need new computer stuff. Must make a note to myself to remind myself become incredibly wealthy.

Or steal.

One of those two.

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You might as well stop the Internet now

education / environment / religion / technology

I’m being completely serious about this.

After watching this video, is there anything left to see?

Seriously, it’ll stop the way you think about everything.

Click this link


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Sidekick. Dirt. Rednecks.

education / environment

Over the course of many years, I’ve had the pleasure of posting many videos on this, and other blogs. But today, I find the rare pleasure of linking to one that must be viewed in it’s own environs, as there is nothing I could — or would — want to add to this great sociological experiment.

Involving rednecks.

And beer.

And a car.

And a ramp.

You can probably figure out what happens next.

“Guy jumps his Sidekick off some home made dirt ramp.”

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The best blonde joke ever


There are joke, bad jokes, good jokes. Then there’s this one.

This is the greatest blonde joke in the history of man.

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The definition of irony

education / politics

It’s just sad when old men try to hold on to their relevance. Case in point, this part of an interview where John Cleese describes Sarah Palin as a parrot. You know, where somebody just reads lines they’re given, acting them out…sort of like…actors?

In addition to not noticing he was just describing himself, he bolsters his argument by telling us what Europeans would do. If she were President. If she were elected as the President of the United States by an opinion poll of Europeans.

His argument (‘this isn’t an argument’ puns aside) is like letting the foxes decide who guards the henhouse. Who cares what some actor from a hit show from 40 years ago thinks about some other country’s politics. Unless he’s a naturalized US citizen, in which case he’s a traitor to his homeland.

This particular video is burning up Digg, so you know it’s crap.

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Lay the smack down, Barak!

education / politics

This could be the leader of the free world.



This is why I’ve been doing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson catch–phrases after every Barak Obama sound–bite over the last year. He’s awesome on the mic, and terrible in the ring. And he likes pie.

If you smell…what Barak…is cookin‘…[cue theme music, cut to commercial]

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I feel safer now

economics / education

It’s amazing we still all have any money at all.

My idea for First National of Sanka is looking better every day.


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We’ll never lose football dominance to Canada


This is why: superior touchdown celebrations.

[via, eh?]

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