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I blame YouTube (Country Hip-Hop Edition)

economics / education / environment / technology

Well, this here be my life. I hate my life.

I hate YouTube.


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I ruin worlds (and something about WordPress)


If you can read this, then you have the ability to read. Thank a teacher or something.

And if you can read this and you are using a web browser, then thank the browser–maker people and the folks that make WordPress. Because that’s what you’re looking at. WordPress.

Unless I’ve changed it to something else, and you are reading this in the future. If you are in the future, what’s it like? We got flying cars yet? Seriously, I wants me a flying car, and I wants it right now.

Or…a robot servant. One that won’t backtalk.

Makes me sandwiches.

I want a sandwich.

Anyways, the site now runs on WordPress. Continue the rest of your lives as usual.

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How to fix a computer

education / technology

Ice T shows you how to fix common problems with your Mac. Today’s lesson involves a slight display problem. Slight content warning for language.

Also, this may void your warranty.

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So, that bad idea I was going on about


Just thought I’d let you know, it’s back on like Donkey Kong! Yep, I’m back to going back to going back to the drawing board. Again. This time for reals — I’m being totally cereal, you guys.

Plus, I’ll have a nifty GPL–ed WordPress theme that looks just like this site! So you too can steal my theme and fill it full of crap I’d never use. Like TrackBacks, or lots of ads, or pictures of cats, or…comments.

Point being, soon I’ll be transitioning this site back to WordPress (part 5).

Good times, good times.

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Oxt Weekend

education / environment / technology

Not a bad idea, changing the next next weekend to “oxt weekend”.

Some examples:

You going somewhere this weekend? Or was it oxt weekend?

I’m working next weekend. And oxt weekend. I swear, I’m going to burn this whole place down some day.

How about oxt weekend? How about oxt weekend? You say that every week! Just admit you’d rather play WoW than go out with me. Admit it. Admit it!

And my social scene takes the examples down with them. Regardless, this is a nifty neologism that I can get behind.


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Twitter Job Description by Date Joined


Somebody went and created a chart describing how connected you are to when you signed up for Twitter. I joined Twitter waaaaay back in early 2007, so I guess I’m more awesome than everybody else. Click the image to actually read the thing.

Twitter Job Description by Date Joined

Proof positive that I’m a futurist. Or, at least, an innovator. Well, I’m something, the Internet told me so!

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You might as well stop the Internet now

education / environment / religion / technology

I’m being completely serious about this.

After watching this video, is there anything left to see?

Seriously, it’ll stop the way you think about everything.

Click this link


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Anecdotal Muzak Story

environment / technology

Whilst working, early this morning, a local radio station played in the background. Normally a good mix of happy songs, there were some terrible, terrible songs in the rotation for this morning. Stupid, sappy, late–70s love songs. It was horrifying, and it didn’t enhance my effort at all.

As I ate lunch, yet another radio station played in the background. The first song that came on was John Denver’s ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy,’ so I figured things were not going to get any better. I was wrong.

After I got my burger, I heard the characteristic open sounds of one of the greatest songs in the history of mankind: Shaft!

Yes, I love that song…maybe a little too much. But if loving Shaft is wrong, I don’t want to be right! Or live in the 21st century, for that matter.

Then some hippies (I swear, none of them older than 21, none of them wasting more than $5 on shaving gear in their lives) walked in. After the group sat down, the waitress asked them what they wanted to drink, left, and returned, she asked them if they “knew what they wanted?”

“…besides a haircut?” I added.

Then I spent the next three minutes trying to act like I was trying to get something out of my beard as to cover up my hysterical non–laughing.

Hippies? Shaft? The 70s?

It was funny to me, anyways.

More sounds of shaftness

  • Feature film version here
  • Parody version about taxes (yes, taxes) here

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I blame YouTube (MC Vader Edition)


Is there anything worse than when two of the things you remember from childhood colliding in one sad, sorry YouTube video?


No there isn’t.

I blame YouTube. And George Lucas. And MC Hammer.

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Text Ascii Art Generator


It’s a lot more fun than it sounds, actually.

.-----..-----.|  |_ 
|  _  ||  -__||   _|
|___  ||_____||____|
|  |--..--.--..-----..-----.
|     ||  |  ||  _  ||  -__|
|__|__||___  ||   __||_____|
               __ __ __ 
.--.--..---.-.|  |  |  |
|  |  ||  _  | |_|  |  |
|___  ||___._|   |__|__|

Tremendous waste of time found here.

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