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Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008


Just in case you’re curious about the blogosphere, Technorati has released its State of the Blogosphere 2008. It’s always fun to hear about the rich getting richer, isn’t it?

I don’t have much to say about it (other than my snide remark). If you haven’t been using Technorati as a tool for getting news, they do make a good point about reactions to political events, such as the Sarah Palin announcement. Plus, there’s the horrifying realization that even the richest bloggers don’t make much more than minimum wage (which really isn’t that minimum, anymore).

And for those of you who don’t know, Technorati is the place that tracks all the tags that blogs put on each post. It’s just a way to organize the internet. Then they put all that data together and use it to show trends and make these nifty charts!

Keyword popularity across the Blogosphere
This chart illustrates how many times blog posts across the Blogosphere contained the following keywords.

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Me too, John. Me too.

On a completely serious note, we all know he was just being facetious (okay, some of us know). But to even say that sort of thing makes me feel a little more confident that he knows the cameras are always rolling. The Army refers to that presence of mind as ‘situation awareness’ — something I’m seeing more and more from McCain.

Oddly enough, this clip comes from a townhall meeting on December 29th, when his campaign looked completely dead. I wonder if George Romero directed it?

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Comment, sucker!

Old haunts


Just going through the places I used to want to be. Boy, have things changed in two years. I’m starting to think I didn’t really miss anything.

Here’s some of the sites I used to frequent, with a snark or two for each.

Hot Air gets Ed Morrissey. Ed Morrissey gets…what, exactly? Were there some sort of layoffs in the blogosphere I just didn’t hear about?

Michelle Malkin dot com! Now with 90% Michelle Malkin! More cutbacks, apparently. And, I swear to you, for somebody who loves the newspaper format, I cannot figure out the navagation scheme of this site. I can navigate it, it’s just really hard.

Villainous Company: Cass, oh Cass, oh Cass…can you just make up your mind? Either keep on blogging or stop. Nobody likes it when people just up and delete their entire blog, only to resurrect it a couple of months. I mean, come on. Decisiveness.

IMAO is pretty much exactly like when I left.

Ace of Spades HQ


Ace of Spades HQ


Ace of Spades HQ

…wait, maybe it is this one…

Ace of Spades HQ: same great AOSLS™, now with just as many migrant bloggers. Way to keep that economy rolling, Ace.

Right Wing News is also now a group blog. Was there some sort of memo from the RNC that I missed? It ain’t like they stopped sending me stuff.

Whizbang: yes, I know I spelled it wrong. Do you know how many Open Trackback sites cut and pasted my text with it spelled that way? A lot. That’s how many. I prob’ly need to inform my Wizbangian overlords that I’m back in bidness.

lgf: good to see they’re still leading the charge on the latest tactic of Islamic fascism: creationism. I wonder how that Google News thing is going?

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, oh MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, can I tell you how I’ve missed trying to steal all your traffic? Because I’m back, ready to steal your traffic. Beth? Hello? Beth? Does she even go there any more?

Okay, enough living in the past. Gotta get that Carnival of Open Trackbacks going again, don‘cha‘know?

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Where was I?

politics / religion / technology

Okay, last time I stopped doing this thing, the Republicans were going steadfastly into defeat, nobody was reporting the good news in Iraq, religion was being blamed for everything that’s wrong, and my biggest source of traffic was spammers going through a link on TechCrunch.

Yep, seems like I never left.

Oh…this is probably a big mistake…

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