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Twitter Job Description by Date Joined


Somebody went and created a chart describing how connected you are to when you signed up for Twitter. I joined Twitter waaaaay back in early 2007, so I guess I’m more awesome than everybody else. Click the image to actually read the thing.

Twitter Job Description by Date Joined

Proof positive that I’m a futurist. Or, at least, an innovator. Well, I’m something, the Internet told me so!

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Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008


Just in case you’re curious about the blogosphere, Technorati has released its State of the Blogosphere 2008. It’s always fun to hear about the rich getting richer, isn’t it?

I don’t have much to say about it (other than my snide remark). If you haven’t been using Technorati as a tool for getting news, they do make a good point about reactions to political events, such as the Sarah Palin announcement. Plus, there’s the horrifying realization that even the richest bloggers don’t make much more than minimum wage (which really isn’t that minimum, anymore).

And for those of you who don’t know, Technorati is the place that tracks all the tags that blogs put on each post. It’s just a way to organize the internet. Then they put all that data together and use it to show trends and make these nifty charts!

Keyword popularity across the Blogosphere
This chart illustrates how many times blog posts across the Blogosphere contained the following keywords.

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McCain to ruin economy even further

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Stunningly, “Americans Worry McCain Would Be Too Similar to Bush.” Yes, the concern about the “third Bush term” is so great, I had to rustle up this copycat chart:

How concerned are you that, as president, John McCain would pursue policies that are too similar to what George W. Bush has pursued — very concerned, somewhat concerned, not too concerned, or not concerned at all?

McCain economic policy poll

Almost half of the people responding said they were very concerned. Very concerned the steam–roller that is the 21stºcentury US market (that pretty much keeps the world afloat) is going the wrong way. They fear John McCain is going to lead us to Great Depression 2 (Electric Boogaloo). The evidence is everywhere (if you’ve somehow found some, which had been rather difficult, as of late).

If only there was some presidential candidate running on a platform of change!

In the same poll, Barak Obama is believed to be all about change — and that would be a good thing. Because the mere act of changing thing is what we need. So to conclude, greatest economy in the history of man bad, indescribably–vague change—feeling hope plan, good.

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