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Talked About Scene: Episode 102: TURN: Who by Fire (by amc)

On Robert Rogers

Something I was thinking about was how Robert Rogers was such an old fellow at this time. There was a reason he is portrayed as a fat, old man. Because, by the time of the American Revolution, he was a fat, old man.

Years of drinking will do that to you. Instead of Ranger: Year One we get The Drunken Knight Returns. The body is worn out, his mind a bit frazzled, but he is still a very scary character. And still very dangerous.

This scene–one I will admit to just waiting for Rogers to pop out from behind a tree–made sense because of who he was. You don’t get to be that much of a legend without being willy, and able to see the attacks before they happen. He is as cunning as he is devious.

That serves him well as he gets Abe to do his work. Rogers doesn’t know how, but something still isn’t right. He just doesn’t have all the facts yet. Now he has a couple of people working for him, turned “over a barrel,” 

After watching the scene with the pickled remains of the officers, I thought of how fitting it was. That’s what you call somebody when they have to work for you, because they have to pay back for a crime, or because you have something to blackmail them with. “Over a barrel.” Which is where Rogers has both these men.

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