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Not Gonna Do It


It seems Tumblr wants me to subscribe to one (or more) of the zillions of [EXPLETIVE DELETED]-yeah! blogs. While I acknowledge that I’ve only been using Tumblr for about a week in such a capacity, I don’t think this is something that I’m going to get used to. It seems like a rather simple thing to figure out something a little more apt than just some dirty words and a phrase.

Then again, I’ve only been doing this a week. From my experience, most of what Tumblr is consists of pictures of things, quotes of things, videos of things, or a combination of those…things. “Oh boy,” I thought to myself, “I like things too!” Thought I’d fit in well. Then, the f-bombs.

It’s the recommended blogs. Probably either programatic or paid content. I don’t know which it is, nor do I think I can affect it one way or the other. Unlike the JOKE that was the Google Plus friend suggestererer, there’s probably a good explanation for all this. I probably don’t have enough content, I don’t follow enough blogs, or I don’t have a big enough audience.

Regardless, I’ve enjoyed week one of my Tumblr existence. 


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