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Still Back, Suckers…


Just ill. As in “sick”. That kind of ill.

I’m illin’ without no penicillin.

Okay, that was terrible. I should just stop and go to sleep again. Maybe take some Tylenol. Or the equivalent generic substitute.

While I’m recovering, here’s a picture of some cute puppies.

puppy pies!

You can just feel the emotional manipulation, can’t you?

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Comment, sucker!

More on that bad idea


Teaser image 2

Things coming along, slowly. Stunningly, no fires.


Nothing’s ready to show off quite yet, but it’s looking like I’ll have something done by the end of the year. I’m just gonna be non–specific about which year.

Past hints: Teaser image

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Wash for Obama

environment / politics / technology

Wash for Obama

Or McCain. Whatever.

What I want to know is, aren’t these backwards?

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