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C’mon, Move to Canada!

environment / politics

Another benefit: you only need summer clothes for like, what? Two weeks?

[via small dead animals]

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Lay the smack down, Barak!

education / politics

This could be the leader of the free world.



This is why I’ve been doing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson catch–phrases after every Barak Obama sound–bite over the last year. He’s awesome on the mic, and terrible in the ring. And he likes pie.

If you smell…what Barak…is cookin‘…[cue theme music, cut to commercial]

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I feel safer now

economics / education

It’s amazing we still all have any money at all.

My idea for First National of Sanka is looking better every day.


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I say hard–core homeschooler

education / technology

You make the call: reenactor or hard core homeschooler?

You make the call: reenactor or hard core homeschooler? on TwitPic

It’s this or YouTube videos, people. And I don’t need to remind you what a scary thing that can be? Trust me, you don’t want that.


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Bailout. All I have on the Bailout.

economics / politics

Not much, actually.

This does beg the question, though: which bank is the safest right now? The Bank of Folgers (what with the all–aluminum security features, impervious to squirrels) or First National of Maxwell House (what with the weatherproof security that only plastic can provide). Call me old–fashioned, but I think I’m going with Chock Full o’ Nuts.

“Chock Full of Nuts”? They should call it “Chock Full o’My Investment Portfolio”!

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Stars & Stripes FOREVER!

security / technology

Sam the Eagle gives us a reminder of why we have our Constitution: to keep us safe from weirdos. Brings a tear to my eye, it does.

Click through to see Sam the Eagle lead the Muppets in a rousing rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever.

Aside on Vimeo

The idea behind moving to a grid–based, wide–screen format was that I wanted to do two things. First, I wanted to make the site are readable as possible while balancing font sizes and width. Likewise, I wanted to post wide–format images and videos, and display them easily.

What I love about Vimeo is that you get great video quality so you can make the video ginormous without it looking like a free video sharing site. And most of the video producers there use a wide format, so it fits right into my site design. Plus, there is not so much as a hint of “Social Network VLog Interaction Design Yada Yada.”

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Mandalorian Dance


Just to ensure that people don’t think that I’ve turned all serious, I present the greatest use of the Boba Fett fully–articulated action figure — ever.

Click through to see the video.

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