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Fan-Made Video for “Am I Awake?”


Am I Asleep?

Not a question, but a fan-made video for the They Might Be Giants song, “Am I Awake?”

“Paul and Mike Swiatek, for the video I call “Sleep Study Voyeur:” Beautifully shot, hilarious, and unexpected. As a creator of list based humor, I must admire anyone who can keep the same joke so consistently engaging and surprising for three minutes.”

  • Writer – Paul Swiatek
  • Producer – Mike Swiatek
  • Locations – Josh Swick
  • Director – Joe Cuomo
  • Cinematographer – Kelsey Talton
  • Set Dresser – Bridget Topp
  • Editor – Jesse Newman-Lindorf
  • Actors – Leah Huebner & Nate Weisband

Funny stuff. 

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