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The definition of irony

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It’s just sad when old men try to hold on to their relevance. Case in point, this part of an interview where John Cleese describes Sarah Palin as a parrot. You know, where somebody just reads lines they’re given, acting them out…sort of like…actors?

In addition to not noticing he was just describing himself, he bolsters his argument by telling us what Europeans would do. If she were President. If she were elected as the President of the United States by an opinion poll of Europeans.

His argument (‘this isn’t an argument’ puns aside) is like letting the foxes decide who guards the henhouse. Who cares what some actor from a hit show from 40 years ago thinks about some other country’s politics. Unless he’s a naturalized US citizen, in which case he’s a traitor to his homeland.

This particular video is burning up Digg, so you know it’s crap.

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McCain to ruin economy even further

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Stunningly, “Americans Worry McCain Would Be Too Similar to Bush.” Yes, the concern about the “third Bush term” is so great, I had to rustle up this copycat chart:

How concerned are you that, as president, John McCain would pursue policies that are too similar to what George W. Bush has pursued — very concerned, somewhat concerned, not too concerned, or not concerned at all?

McCain economic policy poll

Almost half of the people responding said they were very concerned. Very concerned the steam–roller that is the 21stºcentury US market (that pretty much keeps the world afloat) is going the wrong way. They fear John McCain is going to lead us to Great Depression 2 (Electric Boogaloo). The evidence is everywhere (if you’ve somehow found some, which had been rather difficult, as of late).

If only there was some presidential candidate running on a platform of change!

In the same poll, Barak Obama is believed to be all about change — and that would be a good thing. Because the mere act of changing thing is what we need. So to conclude, greatest economy in the history of man bad, indescribably–vague change—feeling hope plan, good.

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