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The most annoying things that happen in games

Regarding #2 on this list…

True story: way back in college (way back in the 1900s), some of my friends were playing this X-men game on the Sega Genesis. We get to the end of this level and we’re like, “whaaaa?” There’s no reset button on this level. Or computer. Or place to grab something.

Let me stop here for a moment and describe what I meant when I wrote, “some of my friends were playing this X-men game….” You see, back then, for almost all games, the highest number of players was two. A group of partially impaired (through libation or other means) spectators would watch one or two players attempt to complete levels. This ‘Internet’ that you speak of didn’t have all the answers wrapped up in a neat, 4-minute YouTube video.

That meant that random people could enter a room, watching one or two people trying to play a video game. That was the 90s. That was how we did social gaming. With alcohol.

That was what happened. I wandered in on some guys playing a video game, and the got to the end of the infamous Mojo level. Infamous, because there seemed to be no way you could get past it. It said that you had to reset the computer…but there was no computer to reset. Oh, and what the video didn’t show you was that you had to reset the computer before a timer ran out.

As they were running around frantically trying to figure it out, I looked at the Genesis. Back then I had a Super Nintendo, so I didn’t really know that much about the Genesis. I was looking at the front of the machine and there it was…a reset button. Right there, beside the power button

I looked around the room, and they didn’t have a better answer. As the timer was going to 00:00, I asked if anybody knew what else to do…and nobody said anything. “I’m gonna press it then.” And I did.

And that was how you frickin’ were supposed to win the level. No, really. Like the video said, somebody actually thought this would be a good idea.

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