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Obama Birth Documents: Forged

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I opened Microsoft Word, set the font to Microsoft’s Times New Roman, then changed it to Times, then changed it back, then typed the rest of the document purportedly from the personal records of the late surgeon Jerry B. Killian.

And my Microsoft Word version, typed in 2009, is an exact match for the documents trumpeted by Robb Allen as “authentic.”

A screenshot of the “original” document as found at Sharp as a Marble:

Obama Memo original

A screenshot of my Microsoft Word document:

Obama Memo WORD

The spacing is not just similar—it is identical in every respect. Notice that the date lines up perfectly (well, come on, it’s a little crooked, give me a break), all the line breaks are in the same places, all letters line up with the same letters above and below, and the kerning is exactly the same. And I did not change a single thing from Word’s defaults; margins, type size, tab stops, etc. are all using the default settings. The one difference (the red squiggly lines under the misspelled words) is probably due to a slight difference between the Mac and PC versions of the Times New Roman font, or it could be an artifact of whatever process was used to artificially “age” the document (or could be because I forgot to turn off spell–checking).

There is absolutely no way that this document was typed on any machine that was available in 19–whenever–Obama–was–born.

UPDATE: You know what would really make this post sing? Animation!

Obama Memo the proof

UPDATE: Not singy enough. Still needs something. Hmm.

I know!


Obama Memo Drudge–style

Take that mainstream media!

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The best blonde joke ever


There are joke, bad jokes, good jokes. Then there’s this one.

This is the greatest blonde joke in the history of man.

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Text Ascii Art Generator


It’s a lot more fun than it sounds, actually.

.-----..-----.|  |_ 
|  _  ||  -__||   _|
|___  ||_____||____|
|  |--..--.--..-----..-----.
|     ||  |  ||  _  ||  -__|
|__|__||___  ||   __||_____|
               __ __ __ 
.--.--..---.-.|  |  |  |
|  |  ||  _  | |_|  |  |
|___  ||___._|   |__|__|

Tremendous waste of time found here.

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C’mon, Move to Canada!

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Another benefit: you only need summer clothes for like, what? Two weeks?

[via small dead animals]

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Me too, John. Me too.

On a completely serious note, we all know he was just being facetious (okay, some of us know). But to even say that sort of thing makes me feel a little more confident that he knows the cameras are always rolling. The Army refers to that presence of mind as ‘situation awareness’ — something I’m seeing more and more from McCain.

Oddly enough, this clip comes from a townhall meeting on December 29th, when his campaign looked completely dead. I wonder if George Romero directed it?

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Fist bumping


He was against it before he was for it! Flip–Flopper!


Even Shrubya’s gettin’ some.

I swear, last week while I was contemplating doing all this stuff again, there was a wealth of material from which to draw meaningful commentary. This week — not so much. Holiday weekend, I guess.

…I wonder if it’s too late to quit again…

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