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So, this happened.

That’ll do, Tumblr. That’ll do.

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I’ve been bloggerating on Tumblr for about two minutes, and now Twitter profile is totally stealing my look?

Uncool. Seriously, even with the square where my avatar goes? If I was the guy who made Optica, I’d be miffed. Seriously miffed.

I installed Optica because I saw it on Paris Lemon, and it was both minimal and wide-screen. Maybe it’s just me, but this and this look an awful lot alike. Heck, just load up my site and see how much it looks like the new Twitter. It’s like somebody stole a bunch of design elements from one and used them. 

Probably means nothing, but the headers do look remarkably similar.

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Not Gonna Do It


It seems Tumblr wants me to subscribe to one (or more) of the zillions of [EXPLETIVE DELETED]-yeah! blogs. While I acknowledge that I’ve only been using Tumblr for about a week in such a capacity, I don’t think this is something that I’m going to get used to. It seems like a rather simple thing to figure out something a little more apt than just some dirty words and a phrase.

Then again, I’ve only been doing this a week. From my experience, most of what Tumblr is consists of pictures of things, quotes of things, videos of things, or a combination of those…things. “Oh boy,” I thought to myself, “I like things too!” Thought I’d fit in well. Then, the f-bombs.

It’s the recommended blogs. Probably either programatic or paid content. I don’t know which it is, nor do I think I can affect it one way or the other. Unlike the JOKE that was the Google Plus friend suggestererer, there’s probably a good explanation for all this. I probably don’t have enough content, I don’t follow enough blogs, or I don’t have a big enough audience.

Regardless, I’ve enjoyed week one of my Tumblr existence. 


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I have a tophat


Tumblr Pro. So free, so overdressed for breakfast.

I get the feeling that it won’t last. Not without a good cane, it won’t.

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