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Sidekick. Dirt. Rednecks.

education / environment

Over the course of many years, I’ve had the pleasure of posting many videos on this, and other blogs. But today, I find the rare pleasure of linking to one that must be viewed in it’s own environs, as there is nothing I could — or would — want to add to this great sociological experiment.

Involving rednecks.

And beer.

And a car.

And a ramp.

You can probably figure out what happens next.

“Guy jumps his Sidekick off some home made dirt ramp.”

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I blame YouTube (MC Vader Edition)


Is there anything worse than when two of the things you remember from childhood colliding in one sad, sorry YouTube video?


No there isn’t.

I blame YouTube. And George Lucas. And MC Hammer.

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I blame YouTube (Revival Edition)


I’m not really sure if I want to party hard, but it sure beats doing something productive with my free time.

I may or may not post anything ever again here.

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The Can


This is why I don’t like Red Bull.

This, and Red Bull is yucky.

Click through to see it…


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The definition of irony

education / politics

It’s just sad when old men try to hold on to their relevance. Case in point, this part of an interview where John Cleese describes Sarah Palin as a parrot. You know, where somebody just reads lines they’re given, acting them out…sort of like…actors?

In addition to not noticing he was just describing himself, he bolsters his argument by telling us what Europeans would do. If she were President. If she were elected as the President of the United States by an opinion poll of Europeans.

His argument (‘this isn’t an argument’ puns aside) is like letting the foxes decide who guards the henhouse. Who cares what some actor from a hit show from 40 years ago thinks about some other country’s politics. Unless he’s a naturalized US citizen, in which case he’s a traitor to his homeland.

This particular video is burning up Digg, so you know it’s crap.

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C’mon, Move to Canada!

environment / politics

Another benefit: you only need summer clothes for like, what? Two weeks?

[via small dead animals]

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Lay the smack down, Barak!

education / politics

This could be the leader of the free world.



This is why I’ve been doing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson catch–phrases after every Barak Obama sound–bite over the last year. He’s awesome on the mic, and terrible in the ring. And he likes pie.

If you smell…what Barak…is cookin‘…[cue theme music, cut to commercial]

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I blame YouTube (A-ha Edition)

environment / technology

This would mark the first (and only) time I ever watched this video. Ground–breaking at the time, it was still an A-ha song. Oh, the hair of my youth…

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I feel safer now

economics / education

It’s amazing we still all have any money at all.

My idea for First National of Sanka is looking better every day.


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I blame YouTube (Patriotic Eagle Edition)


Got this in email. Thought I’d share.

See also: Three Birds, No Perspective

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