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We’ll never lose football dominance to Canada


This is why: superior touchdown celebrations.

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Bailout. All I have on the Bailout.

economics / politics

Not much, actually.

This does beg the question, though: which bank is the safest right now? The Bank of Folgers (what with the all–aluminum security features, impervious to squirrels) or First National of Maxwell House (what with the weatherproof security that only plastic can provide). Call me old–fashioned, but I think I’m going with Chock Full o’ Nuts.

“Chock Full of Nuts”? They should call it “Chock Full o’My Investment Portfolio”!

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Me too, John. Me too.

On a completely serious note, we all know he was just being facetious (okay, some of us know). But to even say that sort of thing makes me feel a little more confident that he knows the cameras are always rolling. The Army refers to that presence of mind as ‘situation awareness’ — something I’m seeing more and more from McCain.

Oddly enough, this clip comes from a townhall meeting on December 29th, when his campaign looked completely dead. I wonder if George Romero directed it?

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Murtha Inspiring the Troops

politics / security

Watch this video and see as Sen. Murtha lavishes the troops with heaps of praise for the all their hard work and effort:

Q. Did President Bush’s ‘Surge’ policy work?

I think for the short term it certainly reduced incidents. I’m not sure whether it’s because the Iraqis are just worn out, but certainly the way they are doing it today it makes a big difference.

It used to be we broke down doors. We went in and we killed people inadvertantly. Now they’re much more careful about it.

Former Marine Sen. Robert Murtha (D–PA)

That’s right, it’s not because of the boots on ground — it’s because they insurgents are sleepy. Yeah, the same thing happened to the New England Patriots when they were trying to win that Super Bowl, they just got tired at the end. I mean, come on, it’s not like any team had to play a 19–game schedule before. The New York Giants won that game, not because they had a superior game plan or better players, but because the Patriots needed a nap.

This guy is needs to get a clue. Swiftly. He was wrong about the Haditha Marines, and he is wrong about this. Then again, I’ve seen this kind of cluelessness from him before. Makes me wonder what’s wrong with the voters in Pennsylvania, too.

While listening to this video, it got to the best (worst?) part in the end. That’s when Murtha starts regaling us with tales from yesteryear, when the president would actually act like he was listening. Yes, he reminds us how Bill Clinton actually consulted with him about security measures.

You know what that sounds like? You know that guy who constantly tells you about his buddy that was real popular, and how they were best friends? And how, back then, everybody thought they were so cool? Because they were together?

Murtha is that guy. That guy needs constant reinforcement from people who will just give him enough encouragement to keep him beholden.

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Is coal made in tubes?

economics / environment



That’s Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), everybody. Give him a nice hand, will ya? Your tax dollars at work.

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The YouTube Privacy Debacle

judiciary / security / technology

YouTube sellout?

In yet another case of judiciary run amok, the Viacom v. Google case is really turning ugly for lovers of individual liberties. The story in a nutshell is as such:

  1. The judge rules that Google must divulge YouTube’s server logs, giving another entity access to private data.
  2. Privacy groups decry the ruling because (among other things) it may be in violation of federal law.
  3. The act of giving another company this type of information will do more harm for YouTube and more to help Viacom then the proprietary YouTube technology (that everybody already copied and made better in 2007).

Michael Arrington makes an excellent point at TechCrunch:

But perhaps one of his bright young clerks or interns could have told him that (1) handing over user names and a list of videos they’ve watched to a highly litigious copyright holder is extremely likely to result in lawsuits against those users that have watched copyrighted content on YouTube, and (2) YouTube’s source code is about as valuable as the hard drive it would be delivered on, since the core Flash technology is owned by Adobe and there are countless YouTube clones out there, most of which offer higher quality video.

YouTube’s core value is in it’s network effect – the library of content along with its massive user base.

The ramifications of this precedent aren’t clear yet, but it could mean that other companies could be forced to both store and be ready to hand over private data if any other companies sees an infringement of its copyrights. While I view copyright is important, it isn’t worth giving strategic enemies — fiscal or otherwise — another way to track movements of people.

There is one positive to take from this ruling. Since we know that people will continue to use whatever means to get the truth out, companies will have to learn to use strategies that both help them make money and keep their users alive.

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